Is it serious if a 5 year old has swollen neck lymph node and high fever?

Answer it is very very serious

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Swollen lymph node in neck?

Hey! All I can suggest is check in with your doctor .. a lymph node usually swells when it is fighting an infection .. this could mean that you are about to get sick or develop a cold .. however so... Read More »

Have a swollen lymph node in my neck.?

Lymph nodes respond to and fight infections. It seems to be doing a great job with your acne

Single swollen painless lymph node on the left side of my neck for 2-3 years now! Help!?

I imagine you touch it every day, don't you? By doing so, you keep it in a state of irritation. Leave the damn thing alone and the swelling will go down. It may take a few months, so just don't t... Read More »

Wisdom tooth & swollen lymph node?

Wisdom tooth appearance will hurt but the swollen lymlph node under your jaw you should have it X-RAY sometimes it could be an infection but to make sure i would have it check out remember you need... Read More »