Is it scary to be put under, like put to sleep, for surgery?

Answer Had shoulder surgery its no biggie when they gave me gas I made it to 96 countin backwards, when I woke it was all good...

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How to Make a Scary Sleep over for Girls?

It's late at night at a sleepover. You're bored, and you can't do pranks. So what are you gonna do? Next time plan ahead and really scare somebody!

How to Sleep after Watching, Seeing, or Reading Something Scary?

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Woke up less than an hour ago due to a scary and bad sleep disorder. What might this be?

They're called Night Terrors: also known as sleep terrors, or pavor nocturnus. Night terrors are characterized by an incomplete arousal from slow wave sleep. It's happened to me once or ... Read More »

How do they put you to sleep for surgery?

Hi,I know it can be quite a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t really had much exposure to this kind of thing before. Its easy for me to say but you should try and relax and get a goo... Read More »