Is it safer to use credit cards in person than online?

Answer On One Hand: In Person is SafeWith the capability of hackers on the Internet today, online credit card use can be risky. By using your credit card in person, you can visually monitor the cashier to... Read More »

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Are online transactions safe using credit cards or debit cards?

On One Hand: Credit Card Fraud is Possible OnlineInternet credit card fraud is a prevalent problem. Security can be compromised, leaving personal information attainable to those who seek it. Phishi... Read More »

Can you use gift cards like credit cards to shop online?

While regulations vary from retailer to retailer, most vendors allow you to use retailer gift cards online. Some have regulations limiting the number of gift cards that can be used for one purchase... Read More »

How many credit cards should a person have?

On One Hand: One or Two for EmergenciesCredit cards should be used in moderation and for emergency purposes only, to avoid high interest expenses on purchases. Pick two cards that have the most fav... Read More »

How many credit cards does the average person have?

The average consumer has 2.7 credit cards as of 2010, according to Among individuals who have credit cards, the average number is 3.5 cards. In 2009, Americans owned a total of mor... Read More »