Is it safe to wear tapers to bed?

Answer As far as i know, it'd very quiet safe.i do, and nothing bad has, you can go for it :D

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Where can i get 7/16"(11m) tapers online?

You shouldn't be using tapers at such a large size. Your at a higher risk of a blow out, now. Not to mention tapers are far too heavy to be using. You should have began the taping method at 2g when... Read More »

Is it safe to wear a sweatshirt to bed?

Is it safe to wear non-polarized sunglasses?

yes, ts safe, of course. no side effects. actually non polarized offer protection just as good as polarized do. the difference is that polarized do a better job reducing glare

Are colored contacts safe to wear?

On One Hand: Contact sales are regulatedContact lens sales are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which approves them as being safe to wear. Whether you wear prescription or nonprescrip... Read More »