Is it safe to wash plastic in the dishwasher?

Answer Yess it is pefectly fine too

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Are there toxins from melted plastic in dishwasher that could affect bottle teats in same wash?

if i was u for the safety of any baby or child i wash there battles and stuff like that bye them selves not with pots and pans or anything greasy

Are Dixie plastic utensils dishwasher safe?

Dixie plastic utensils aren't recommend for exceptionally hot liquids, said information officer Randal Robison, much less dishwashers. “Our products are durable and can be hand washed,” he said... Read More »

How do your know if a plastic spoon is dishwasher safe or even reusable if you do not have the packaging?

Look at this document for symbols:

If you put a plastic spoon in the dishwasher and it melted how do you get the smell of the burnt plastic out of the dishwasher?

Answer In an empty dishwasher, fill a dishwasher safe cup with vinegar and start the cycle. During the rinse, fill that cup with bleach and let the cycle finish. Not only will you clean your dishwa... Read More »