Is it safe to wash microfiber cloths with clothes?

Answer The microfiber cloths themselves will not harm your clothes. However, do not wash microfiber with linty items. Also, wash microfiber cloths separately, as you would any cleaning rags, if they are v... Read More »

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How to Clean Windows With Microfiber Cloths?

Quality microfiber is soft, lint-free and absorbent so it won't leave behind streaks on your windows. The small fibers trap dirt and dust, enabling you to clean even the dirtiest windows with littl... Read More »

Are Smart microfiber cleaning cloths for grease removal?

The Smart Cloth will remove grease and oil according to makers Smart Microfiber Systems. The cloths are a part of a microfiber product cleaning line that requires water only and no other cleaning p... Read More »

Is there a safe way to wash Dry Clean clothes in the washer?

It's always a gamble. Some fabrics react to water by loosing their sizing, the stuff that keeps them crisp and thus loose their shape. Spray sizing and ironing may but some back, but just on the s... Read More »

Is it safe to wash clothes in a community laundry room?

IDK what you'd catch from a community washer or dryer. If you're worried about allergies, you could use a towel (?paper towels?) to wipe the washer out to make sure there isn't any residual fur lef... Read More »