Is it safe to vacuum with placenta previa?

Answer If you have been diagnosed with placenta previa, you should ask your doctor specifically about what kinds and amounts of physical activity are safe for you. Depending on the severity of your condit... Read More »

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Can placenta previa leave a person with mental scars forever?

On One Hand: Placenta Previa Can Cause Emotional DistressPlacenta previa, a complication of pregnancy in which the baby grows high up in the uterus and the placenta covers the cervix and causes ble... Read More »

What is placenta previa in prematurity or premature birth?

Placenta previa, in which the placenta grows too low in the uterus.

Is a vacuum cleaner made with lead safe?

Answer Quitelikely the "weatherstripping" type material that creates a seal between the door and the fridge itself is damaged, causing moisture in the air outside your fridge to cool and collect i... Read More »

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