Is it safe to use yesterdays left over roast chicken?

Answer If the chicken was stored properly(in the fridge) it is fine to use any way you want. Usually 3 days is max for cooked chicken..but I've used it up to a week with no problem.Homemade Chicken Nugget... Read More »

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I ate chicken, steak, and pasta that was left out over night. Will I get food poisoning?

You probably won't get any worse. You would have thrown up already. The food should already be gone from your stomach and into your intestines to continue digesting. However, I wouldn't recommend d... Read More »

How to Roast a Chicken?

This is a fool-proof recipe for roasting the perfect chicken. Amaze your friends and astonish your family. It's great for leftovers, too.

Can you roast a chicken in a Crock Pot?

Roast chicken can be made in a Crock Pot. Cooking times vary according chicken size. Recipes for a three- to five-pound chicken recommend cooking times of six to 10 hours on the low heat setting. T... Read More »

How to Roast Boneless Chicken?

Sometimes it gets annoying to have to contend with all the bones when you are trying to enjoy your chicken. Fortunately, most grocery stores offer boneless chicken options, including boneless chick... Read More »