Is it safe to use the public hotspots that are all over town?

Answer Even if the hotspot is in a well-known business, it probably isn't safe. Because the connections are public, they are not encrypted. If you want to be sure that every time you go on the Internet ... Read More »

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Do you think that it is safe to meet someone in person that you met over the internet?

Well, it is a difficult one. but I think I can answer it pretty well. I met my wife on the Internet. We meet through and we talked everyday for about 3 months then we decided to meet. ... Read More »

Is it safe to reuse the same water bottle over&over?

Current research has proven that it is safe to reuse plastic water bottles. However, the water bottles should be washed and dried thoroughly daily to reduce the risk of bacterial growth. Soap and h... Read More »

Small safe town in tasmania?

There are no particularly unsafe towns in Tasmania. Some suburbs in Hobart and Launceston have problems with socio-economic issues, the house prices reflect this. Anywhere is good for outdoor activ... Read More »

How safe is it for people to ride bicycles on the roads in your town?

Its as safe as the bicyclist makes it and yes we have bike lanes but many don't stay in them which puts more pressure on the vehicle drivers...