Is it safe to use soft scrub on my ceramic tile?

Answer On One Hand: Safe For CeramicSoft Scrub is a slightly abrasive solution used around the house for everyday cleaning jobs. According to the manufacturer, Soft Scrub is safe to use on ceramic tile.On... Read More »

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Can I use Soft Scrub on my ceramic stove top?

Yes, you can use Soft Scrub to clean a ceramic stove top. Using a scrubbing pad with the Soft Scrub cleaner can help remove anything that is sticking to the ceramic cooktop.Source:Cook top cleaning... Read More »

How to Clean a Ceramic Stove Top with Soft Scrub?

Ceramic stove tops are made of glass with electric heating elements placed under the glass surface. While these stove tops are designed to appear sleek and stylish, they can become dirty like any s... Read More »

Is a steam mop safe to clean ceramic tile floors?

A steam mop will safely clean ceramic tile. When cleaning tile with a steam mop, use a gentle cleaner or one designed especially for ceramic flooring. Abrasive or acid-based cleaners may damage the... Read More »

Can you lay ceramic tile over existing ceramic floor tile?

If you are planning on replacing your floors, you can lay ceramic tile over existing tile in your home. However, careful planning and preparation are required before tackling this project.Source:Fl... Read More »