Is it safe to use proactive during pregnancy?

Answer Talk to your dr before using any type of medication while you are pregnant.

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Are walnuts safe to eat during pregnancy?

As walnuts are a very good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, not only are they safe but infact can be beneficial to the baby. Although there is no long term research conducted, there has been some lin... Read More »

Is a tanning bed safe during pregnancy?

Although there is no conclusive evidence regarding the use of tanning beds during pregnancy, raising your body temperature may lead to an increase in the possibility of spinal malformations. Skin i... Read More »

Is McDonald's safe during pregnancy?

In my opinion, everything is okay in moderation. If you eat McDonalds occasionally I think you should be fine. Just try not to get the BigMac super-sized with a large coke and cherry pie. Be sensib... Read More »

Is it safe to eat papaya during pregnancy?

"If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, avoid eating papaya or using a papaya product. Papaya is sometimes recommended for soothing indigestion, which is a common ailment during pregnanc... Read More »