Is it safe to use peroxide on your teeth?

Answer Yes the non alcoholic mouth wash is made with peroxide. Just don't swollow it and rinse your mouth out well.

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What to do if Carbamide peroxide burns your teeth?

Is peroxide a good thing to whiten your teeth with?

Answer If you're talking about regular over the counter peroxide solution, it won't work. Its not strong enough.Whitening strips DO work. Wal-Mart makes a great store brand that cost about 1/2 of... Read More »

Downsides to bleaching your teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide.?

DO NOT DO THIS without checking with your doctor/dentist first. Hydrogen Peroxide is toxic.

Is it safe and effective to use teeth effect bands to close gaps in your teeth?

Yes, teeth effect bands are safe. Infact, I used them myself and my teeth are very healthy. My orthodontist told me if the band slides up on the gum it can damage that area. However, It isn't likel... Read More »