Is it safe to use my new laptop at my school?

Answer As long as your school allows you to use there wifi connection then it should be ok. The chances are it will be encrypted with some protection to stop any random person connecting so you may need t... Read More »

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If your child doesn't feel safe in her school does the school have to provide her with a safe alternative?

sit down with your child and ask why,how,and what happens. cuase it could be serios someone could telling your child bad things or making them do things so sit down and talk.

Can my school see what websites i visit when im not on their network but on my school laptop?

If you're using their WiFi then Yes they could see it because most wifi routers have the capability to save traffic, internet history and passwords. Some computer expert in charge in your school wi... Read More »

Can a school's administrator monitor what you do on your laptop outside school grounds?

Most schools use what's called a proxy to monitor web traffic on school-provided machines. Depending on how it's configured, an administrator may be watching you. I've had my district block access ... Read More »

Is it safe to buy a laptop on eBay?

never buy a used laptop on the internet evr because it is very unsafe it costs alot of money and if you want to buy a used one head on up to your nearest computer or electronics store and get one i... Read More »