Is it safe to use my hard drive on different computers?

Answer As long as the formatting of the hd is compatible with your computer it should be alright to use on any computer.Mac formatting may not work with your Windows machine, your windows formatted hd ca... Read More »

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Can I use one external hard drive for two computers?

Yes and Yes, be sure to disconnect it from the cp it is hooked to correctly.

How do i figure out the size of my computers hard drive?

lots of ways. 1. go to my computer, select the drive, right click it, and then choose properties. 2. install yahoo widgets, go to yahoo widgets gallery and find hard disk space widget. (this is lame)

Where is the hard drive located in computers?

According to Microsoft, the hard drive is typically located in the system unit, which is the rectangular box that contains the central processing unit and other operating parts of a computer. Exter... Read More »

Can I use one external hard drive to back up two computers?

my external HD backs up 3 pcs.I just plug it in each in turn (when i remember) and copy all the important stuff