Is it safe to use my friend's toothbrush?

Answer NEVER use another person's toothbrush no matter what they are or who they are, idiot!

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How to Talk to Your Friends About Safe Sex?

Sex is the act carried out for reproduction or pleasure. It is a beautiful yet worldwide act that approximately all people do.......especially and unfortunately, teenagers. If your friend is planni... Read More »

How safe is it to make friends online?

As long as you keep them on line it is safe after that it is unsafe !

Tomorrow me and my friends are doing hookah, is it safe?

This sounds like a very ill-conceived plan. In other words, I recommend you NOT do this.Drawing smoke into the lungs is never harmless. Never.

When is it safe to announce your pregnancy to friends and family?

Answer They usually say after the first trimester when the chances of miscarriage are significantly lower, but you can announce your pregnancy any time you feel comfortable doing so. Good luck.