Is it safe to use charcoal briquettes while pregnant?

Answer Answer It depends on what you are going to use them for. If you are going to light a BBQ then the only hazardous thing I can think of is the lighter fluid. I personally like to use a BBQ can, you ... Read More »

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Are charcoal briquettes the same as activated charcoal?

Although similar on the surface, charcoal briquettes and activated charcoal are very different. They may have a number of similar elements, namely carbon, but the properties and purity of that carb... Read More »

What is in charcoal briquettes?

Charcoal briquettes consist mainly of two ingredients, char and coal (approximately 90 percent), and small amounts of other ingredients. Although briquette manufacturers will have slight variations... Read More »

Can you use charcoal briquettes on the stove top?

Never burn charcoal on a stove top or anywhere else indoors. The burning of charcoal briquettes or other charcoal products releases a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide. Confined and concentrated... Read More »

Can you use charcoal briquettes indoors?

Charcoal briquettes should always be used outdoors due to the fact that they give off high amounts of poisonous carbon monoxide. They pose a serious health risk if used indoors. When grilling or co... Read More »