Is it safe to use an onion that has been peeled and stored in fridge?

Answer Yes, it lasts for a couple weeks in the fridge, sealed. But you'll lose intensity/ taste.

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Is it safe to cook salmon which has been in the fridge for defrosting for over 48 hours?

Raw meats do not last long in the refrigerator. Meats that are not going to be eaten in a few days should be frozen and not stored in the refrigerator.Place raw meats in freezer bags or paper or an... Read More »

Someone told me that my tea which is stored in the fridge is carcinogenic after 24 hours. I would like to know if this is true.?

I am a southern girl and have been drinking sweet tea sinces I was a baby. Tea has been used for thousands of years, if it were cancer causing I believe it would have been attacked like tobacco yea... Read More »

How to Start an Old Truck That Has Been Stored for Years?

If you have bought or inherited an old truck that someone has not started in years, getting it going can present a bit of a challenge. The longer vehicles sit unattended, the greater the possibilit... Read More »

Can you eat sauces that have been opened and left in the fridge for a week?

It's already open therefore it wouldn't be a good idea specially because a week has already passed! good luck!