Is it safe to use Terconazole cream if you are pregnant?

Answer ANSWERIf you have unprotected sex and then take the pill that will not cause you to NOT get pregnant. If you are on the pill and miss a day there is a still a possibility but not a greater chance s... Read More »

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What vaginal cream is safe to use when your pregnant?

Should pregnant women eat raw egg in homemade ice cream safe?

Homemade ice cream generally contains raw egg, and therefore should be avoided (due to the risk of salmonella). There are a few recipes out there that do not call for egg, if you are making it your... Read More »

Is it safe to use Anusol suppositories and cream if you have piles and think you're pregnant?

Answer You need to ask your OB about this. Some things are safe and others are not.

You have piles and think you may be pregnant - is it safe to use Anusol or similar cream suppositories?

Answer Talk to your doctor about that one. BTW, it's a very common condition among pregnant women.