Is it safe to take vitamins B-12 & Biotin together ?

Answer Yes they are practically the same thing

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Is the biotin 1000 mcg safe for a teen to take?

Biotin is one of the B Vitamins and is water-soluble... for the sake of argument, if you took more than your body could handle, it would excrete out the excess. Because of that, it is one of the sa... Read More »

Are prenatal vitamins safe for men?

On One Hand: Vitamins Provide Some BenefitsPrenatal vitamins provide many benefits to men because of the vitamin power they supply. They are high in folic acid, of which many men have are deficient... Read More »

Is it safe to take outdated vitamins?

The government makes the manufacturer put expiration dates on just about anything you put in your mouth. Your vitamins are most likely fine, worse case scenario is that they may not be as effective... Read More »

Is it safe to take cephalexin ans prenatal vitamins together?

Cephalexin can cause nausea and or vomiting, some women are more sensitive to nausea after taking their prenatal vitamins, if you are in this group take the two separately. Otherwise there are no c... Read More »