Is it safe to take vicodin on birth control?

Answer of course it is!

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How safe is birth control?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, birth control options such as condoms, the pill, the patch, diaphragms, implants, vaginal rings and IUDs are safe. However, each option ... Read More »

Are birth control pills safe to use until menopause?

On One Hand: Long-Term Use of the Pill May Be SafeDr. Trisha Macnair of BBC Health says that women may safely use birth control pills until menopause. Dr. Catherine Lynch of the University of South... Read More »

How soon is it safe to conceive after taking birth control?

It is safe for a woman to try conceiving as soon as she has stopped taking birth control. However, if she has had a recent pregnancy or miscarriage, doctors advise she wait three months for her bo... Read More »

What is the best safe sex protection besides condoms and birth control?