Is it safe to take liquid Tylenol?

Answer If you take the correct amount, yes.

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Can I give liquid tylenol rectally to a 10 year old He has the flu and is throwing up.?

For the love of Pete - NO. There is special medication for this purpose. In any case you should just let his body do what it is designed to do. The raised temperature will kill off any bacteria ... Read More »

Is it safe to take Elavil& Tylenol PM together?

Taking over-the-counter acetaminophen and diphenhydramine combination medications like Tylenol PM with antidepressants has the potential to cause excessive sedation and could pose a health risk, ac... Read More »

Is it safe to give a dog Tylenol?

On One Hand: Risk of Organ Damage or DeathAccording to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), "Medications that treat human medical conditions can make pets very sick." Among the medic... Read More »

Are advil&tylenol safe?

On One Hand: Generally SafeAdvil and Tylenol are two of the most commonly used forms of painkillers in America. If you are otherwise healthy, take these drugs for only a short period of time and do... Read More »