Is it safe to take a PPI with NSAIDs?

Answer On One Hand: PPI Definition and UsesAccording to MedicineNet, a proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) decreases acid in the stomach by blocking acid-producing enzymes. One over-the-counter PPI is omeprazole.... Read More »

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Are any NSAIDs safe for the kidneys?

On One Hand: All NSAIDs Affect the KidneysAccording to "Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology," the main mechanism of action of NSAIDs is by reducing the production of an enzyme known as c... Read More »

My 13 y/o has terrible menstrual cramps - she cannot take Motrin or any other NSAIDS, any ideas on relief?

Birth control pills can offer significant relief to women with painful menstrual cramps. They also reduce the amount of blood flow during the period. Less blood loss is helpful in preventing anemia... Read More »

Is it safe to take estrogen with Tegretol?

On One Hand: Decrease in effectivenessIf you plan to take Tegretol, tell your doctor if you are currently taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy containing estrogen. There is a d... Read More »

Is it safe to take levothyroxine with paracetamol?

Have her call the Poison Hot-line and tell them what she took. They will provide a proper remedy or course of action.