Is it safe to take B12?

Answer On One Hand: Safe For Most PeopleThere are no known cases of a fatal vitamin B12 overdose. It is water-soluble, so the body will flush out what it does not use. Rashes and diarrhea have been report... Read More »

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Is 5-HTP safe to take?

It's safe if you take it as directed, I took it for a couple years and didn't have any side effects. It can make you sleepy, so only take it before bed

Is Zantrex 3 safe to take?

On One Hand: Huge Caffeine KickZantex-3, a dietary supplement promising rapid weight loss and increased energy, is not safe because of its extraordinary amount of caffeine content. According to Bu... Read More »

Is herbalife safe to take?

On One Hand: Testing Has Proved SafetyHerbalife products have gone through rigorous clinical testing to ensure their safety. All products are labeled according to FDA regulations, and Herbalife is... Read More »

Is it safe for me to take 4 aspirin?

Yeah man you'll be fine taking 4 aspirin, and get some urals you mix them with water and it helps pass the thc out of your system.