Is it safe to take 8 or more aspirins at once ?

Answer Eight is way too many. Follow the label instructions !!!

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Is it safe to microwave food more than once?

On One Hand: Bacteria MultiplyAccording to Health Link British Columbia, it is unsafe to reheat foods more than once, whether in the microwave or on a traditional range top. Once foods have been re... Read More »

Can you take the ASVAB more than once?

Before a potential officer or enlisted soldier can enter the Army, he must take the Army Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB) to determine what job he qualifies for. The Army does allo... Read More »

Would it be safe to take 4 pills of 7.5/750 hydrocodone at once?

STOP! is that even your prescription>? if not, then DON'T TAKE ANY! if it is yours, then how many did your dr say to take? and what does it say on the prescription bottle? THIS IS VERY SERIOUS! peo... Read More »

Do other girls really take a shower once a day (or more)?

it's a matter of personal choice, but i take one every dayjust feel gross if i don't!