Is it safe to take 5-htp while pregnant?

Answer Although there has been no human research I could find regarding 5-HTP and pregnancy, on the AHA website, there is a study involving pregnant rats and 5-HTP. Pregnant rats administered with the ser... Read More »

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Is gas-ex safe to take while pregnant?

There are some anxiety medications that can be taken while pregnant, but you should always discuss your options with your doctor.

Is trimoptin safe to take while pregnant?

You have to pay after and/or take a loan. It can take years to pay back.

Is it safe to take thera flu while pregnant?

On One Hand: No Adverse Effects ReportedNo adverse effects have been reported while using Theraflu during pregnancy for the short-term treatment of flu, according to The active ingredien... Read More »

Is it safe to take co-codamol while pregnant?

Answer i would definatly ask your doctor. i think it would be a very bad idea to take it with out talking to your doctor. Answer Paracetamol. Yes. Codeine. Well it's not advised at all. It'd be be... Read More »