Is it safe to swim while being pregnant?

Answer yes. Not in a hot tub though-the temperature is too high

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Is it safe to swim at 38 weeks pregnant?

Check with your doctor, but as long as you have not passed your plug, you should be good to go.

Is it safe to swim in salt water pools when pregnant?

Answer yes.also swimming is a good exercise during pregnancy.

If you swim have problems with your ears and are pregnant is it safe to use rubbing alcohol to help?

Answer If it is something on the outside like on the skin of your ears yes but on the inside no You might hurt your ears this wayYou are much better using some light oil (almond) on the inside.You... Read More »

Are swim diapers safe?

On One Hand: Swim Diapers Offer PerksSwim diapers supersede regular diapers for use in the pool. They do not swell and sag, which helps them remain in place on an active baby or toddler. When fitte... Read More »