Is it safe to store opened aluminum cans in the refrigerator?

Answer You shouldn't put open cans of food in the refrigerator. An open can allows air to come in contact with the metal of the can. This can allow the metal to seep into the food, contaminating it.Source... Read More »

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Is it safe to store food in tin cans in the refrigerator?

Yes, unless it is oppen then it is safe for the same amount of time as ordinary food. Once the tin can is open, you mustn't put this back in the refrigerator...the aluminum and oxygen have a chemic... Read More »

Should you store soda in a refrigerator or in a cabinet after it's been opened?

How many crushed aluminum cans makes one pound of aluminum?

About 25 to 33 crushed aluminum cans make one pound of aluminum. The exact number depends on the size and type of aluminum cans involved. For example, beer cans are lighter and thinner than soda ca... Read More »

Value of Aluminum Cans?

Recycling has been promoted as an environmentally friendly alternative to dumps or landfills for many years. Aluminum has been widely recycled since the early 1900s. With increasing concerns about ... Read More »