Is it safe to spraypaint baby furniture?

Answer Not really, Check the paint to see that it is Non-Toxic, has no harmful ingredients, most do, so I'd really recommend you do not paint your babies furniture, just buy new furniture for your baby.

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Is it safe to strip&repaint baby furniture?

It is safe to strip and repaint baby furniture. Refinishing it in this manner eliminates the possibility of poisoning or illness that is associated with young children who accidentally may consume ... Read More »

Is it safe to burn wood furniture?

most furniture has either finish or paint of some kind on them and if that burns it can really damage your lungs DONT DO ITjust take it to the dump or cut it up and put one piece of it in your tras... Read More »

Is it safe to use shoe polish on leather furniture?

Shoe polish is generally not recommended for use on leather furniture, as it may discolor the area it is applied to even if the polish itself is colorless. If you want to use shoe polish on furnitu... Read More »

I am 36 weeks with a baby that's already 6.5 lbs i am miserable. my doctor sucks and the past 3 days ive been having contractions nothing real is it safe for the baby to take castor oil?

Answer It's not uncommon for some women to feel pretty uncomfortable when this far along in pregnancy and just want it over with. Most doctors will give up to 2 weeks past the due date to be on t... Read More »