Is it safe to sleep on my back while I'm pregnant?

Answer yes, only in early pregnancy but in later pregnancy, you should sleep sideways chicana

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Is it safe to take Tylenol PM to help sleep when you're pregnant?

AnswerI took Tylenol PM when I was pregnant with my last baby with no ill effects. You might want to ask your Doctor, though!NO you are not able to take it while pregnant regular Tylenol is fine bu... Read More »

Is it safe to sleep on your back during pregnancy?

No! Sleeping on your back can result in backaches, hemorrhoids, decrease in circulation for you and your baby, low blood pressure, and digestive problems. The best position to sleep in during pregn... Read More »

If I am having back pain swelled breasts urinate frequently and sleep a lot but had sex and a period more than a month ago could you still be pregnant?

Answer um yes u can be prego lol my mom had her period for 5 months when she was prego with me so on the safe side go get tested just in case something else is wrong. good luck!

If you are a pregnant 17-year-old runaway in Pennsylvania and the situation at your household isn't safe for you or your unborn child can the police force you to go back into that environment?

Answer I dont think so however they may try put you in a safe house or a foster type house if you cant live at home.