Is it safe to sleep on a roof?

Answer As long as the local squirrel population is docile, there are no major concerns regarding the safety of a nocturnal slumber or any related activity on the roof of a standard American domicile. I th... Read More »

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Are roof shingles safe?

On One Hand: Acknowledged ConcernsRoofing shingles raise several safety concerns. The Florida Disaster website notes that damaged or old shingles can become hazards during hurricanes or other sever... Read More »

Is it safe to vacuum the top of my roof from the outside?

Ok so aside from the obvious safety concerns which I am sure you are aware of and are a) Taking suitable precautions safety wiseorb) Are Impervious to a fall from a large height and don't give a da... Read More »

Is it safe to climb on to the top of my extension roof?

The roof should be strong enough to hold your weight. If it is not, I hope you do not have heavy snow in your area. Do not loose your balance as that will not be safe and we can not blame the roof.

How to Keep Roof Top AC Units Safe from Theft?

Thieves are attracted to AC units because they're made of steel, copper and aluminum and can be sold at any recycling center for quick cash. If you don't properly protect your roof top AC units, th... Read More »