Is it safe to sit on public toilet seats?

Answer not after i pee on it

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Why are public toilet seats "U" shaped and toilet seats in private homes are a closed ring shaped?

The "U" shape is used in public places for the safety fof the health inspector. This way he won't choke if the lid slams down while he is drinking.

Home toilet seats are a solid loop, but public seats have a gap?

Most males/people don't want to touch a public toilet seat to lift it, and will just go ahead and pee. The gap is there so that even if people don't lift it, there's a lower chance of pee touching ... Read More »

Why do public toilet seats have the cut out in the front where residential seats do not?

The bit about the boys was the correct answer in a way. The federal government mandated it many years ago for just that reason. Since it was easier to make just one standard seat they got installed... Read More »

Is it enough to use Dettol spray(or any disinfectant) on toilet seats in public toilets?

I think disinfectant is good and specially if it is not the dirty toilets. In case it's the dirty one, germs can be everywhere in the place. We need to be careful with handles specially. The proble... Read More »