Is it safe to set a fire in a plastic bucket?

Answer no

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How to Remove Graphics from a Plastic Bucket?

You'd like to reuse that empty detergent bucket, but it still has the detergent logo all over it. Here's how to proceed.

What is the volume of a five gallon plastic bucket?

A gallon is a standard unit of measure of liquid volume in the U.S. Customary and the British Imperial measuring systems. Hence, the volume of a five-gallon bucket is five U.S. gallons, or appoxima... Read More »

What Paint Will Stick on a Plastic Bucket?

Some surfaces, such as plastic, are inherently tricky to paint. A plain bucket can be transformed with paint for a planter or craft project--but you need to use paint that will stick to the plastic... Read More »

Are booster seats safe to use in bucket seats?

Kids can get scalded by the hot water in the "HOT TUB".