Is it safe to reuse the same water bottle over&over?

Answer Current research has proven that it is safe to reuse plastic water bottles. However, the water bottles should be washed and dried thoroughly daily to reduce the risk of bacterial growth. Soap and h... Read More »

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How to Reuse a Water Bottle to Make a Christmas Gift?

This is a cute how to on how to make an old plastic water bottle into a pencil holder/table decoration.

Are water bottles safe to reuse?

On One Hand: Negative Effects Have Been SuggestedStudies show significant links between reuse of plastic water bottles and increased levels of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), a common component in ... Read More »

Is it safe to reuse Mount Franklin 600 ml plastic water bottles?

According to the Mount Franklin website, you should not reuse their water bottles. The Mount Franklin FAQ page warns about bacterial contamination with reused water bottles.The bottles that Mount F... Read More »

Is it safe to put frozen water bottle in heated hot water?

Perfectly fine. a lot of people actually boil water in those plastic bottles when they're camping.