Is it safe to put the laptop on your lap / stomach while working?

Answer I don't know anything about fertility problems with that. It will get hot, and it will not be balanced. use a tv tray. you can get one at target. and slide close to you.

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Should I buy a new laptop if my old laptop is still working in order?

If your current laptop does everything you want it to... no, I wouldn't upgrade. Why spend all that money?You heard right about laptop graphics cards (no matter what someone else in this thread to... Read More »

What is safe to eat when you have the stomach flue?

jelly toast, jello, gatorade, water, applesauce, fruit, soup, crackers.

Is it safe for my baby to sleep on her stomach?

On One Hand: Sleeping on Back Recommended for NewbornsThe U.S. National Library of Medicine recommends that a baby be put to sleep on his back during his first five months. Other sleep positions ar... Read More »

When is it safe for a baby to sleep on his stomach?

On One Hand: Infants shouldn't sleep on their stomachStomach sleeping is not recommended for infants. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that in... Read More »