Is it safe to put neosporin on a small puncture wound?

Answer Yes but clean it first. People have a tendency to slap that stuff on a dirty cut trapping in junk that makes it infected.

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What to do about my puncture wound?

Do not be afraid. Keep the wound clean and rub some triple antibiotic ointment over it with clean dressing every day. You can get them at stores like Walmart or Target and they are cheap. Neospo... Read More »

Is it safe to put rubbing alcohol on a small open wound?

well actually, it burns so much because rubbing alcohol kills the cells around the open is desirable to some extent as it kills any infectious bacteria but it also kills your 'healthy bac... Read More »

How to Treat a Puncture Wound?

Did you know that puncture wounds account for 5 percent of the admission reasons for children going to emergency centers?[1] Puncture wounds occur when a narrow, pointed object such as a nail, tack... Read More »

Should I aplly neosporin or vaslien or should I leave my wound alone and will it heal?

An itch sensation means it's healing. I'm 14 too, and let me assure you, you'll be just fine. I would rub some witch hazel on it every night, or neosporin. Oh, and uh, keep sharp objects away from ... Read More »