Is it safe to put frozen water bottle in heated hot water?

Answer Perfectly fine. a lot of people actually boil water in those plastic bottles when they're camping.

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Is water heated in a microwave safe to drink?

On One Hand: Safe to DrinkWarming water in a microwave results in water that is safe to drink. Microwaves use microwave radiation to warm their contents. Unlike X-rays and other high-energy radiati... Read More »

What happens if you drop a frozen plastic water bottle?

the very essence of science is experimentation have a go for gods sakebut yes, the plastic will act differently to normal, not because the water is frozen but because to plastic is very cold and ma... Read More »

Is it safe to use filtered water (sink water) to clean a fish bowl but add water conditioner!?

Honestly I had a betta for over 3 years, and the only water I used was distilled.

Why don't i just put some water in a bottle instead of buying bottled water?

Because the companies have fooled them, with their marketing, that bottled water is actually "purer" or "healthier"... Which is completely false. There's nothing about bottled water that is better ... Read More »