Is it safe to put combustible cans inside trash containers?

Answer Trash containers are typically filled with various items that are highly flammable, such as leaves, paper and cardboard products, cloth items, household chemicals and a wide array of discarded food... Read More »

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Who invented the trash compactor for small trash cans?

Several inventors patented trash compactors that resemble modern compactors, so it is difficult to trace a single inventor. M.S. Wells first patented an invention that crushed oil cans in 1941. The... Read More »

How do you keep dogs out of your trash cans?

The problem isn't with you or the trash can, or even the dog. It's with the owner of the dog, they obviously don't care where the dog goes, or what the dog does. It's a shame, because I love dogs, ... Read More »

How to Store Trash Cans?

Storing trash cans either temporarily or for the long term can be accomplished successfully if the cans are clean and dry. Dirty garbage cans attract bugs and rodents searching for a food source. A... Read More »

Do moth balls keep raccoons out of trash cans?

Placing moth balls inside a trash can or directly outside the trashcan can deter raccoons from going inside. Loud noises and bright lights are other possible ways to keep raccoons away from a speci... Read More »