Is it safe to put a plant inside a bedroom?

Answer Yes it is safe unless you or your partner have allergies. Many people are using silk plants (look very real) for decoration more than anything else. I have a beautiful bamboo in my bedroom and it's... Read More »

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How to Keep Twin Toddlers Inside Their Bedroom?

Are your twins getting up at night and causing you to get up and put them back in bed numerous times and you can't get any sleep?

Is the inside of a microwave safe from EMP?

An EMP or electromagnetic pulse severely damages electronic systems and equipment. Electronic equipment, however, can be protected from an EMP by being enclosed within a Faraday Cage, a device that... Read More »

Are the inside parts of a CRT safe for handling?

Do *not* do that! Cracking a CRT will result in an implosion, and the effect will be like a small bomb. If you escape uninjured, there's no practical way to contain the hazmat you'll release, and... Read More »

How do you gid rid of gnats on inside basil plant?

A simple insecticidal soap will get rid of the fungus gnats without harming the basil. Pour 1 1/2 tbsp. of liquid castile soap, 1 qt. of water, and 3 drops of vegetable oil in a spray bottle. The l... Read More »