Is it safe to plant a vegetable garden over an old parking lot?

Answer If it has asphalt, or other oil-based products on the soil, you would want to clean that up. Check with your local agricultural unit to see if soil testing is available.

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How do I plant vegetable seeds in the garden?

Prepare the garden soil by turning and loosening it with a shovel or hoe. Clear out any weeds, dead roots or rocks that can obstruct the vegetable plants' growth. Apply compost and commercial ferti... Read More »

When should you plant a vegetable garden in Michigan?

Plant cool-season vegetables such as onions, potatoes, asparagus and peas in April in Michigan. Wait until mid- to late May, when the danger of frost is over, for more delicate vegetables. Seeds ca... Read More »

How do I plant a starter vegetable garden?

LocationDecide on the types of vegetables you are interested in growing. Find a sunny location in your yard with well-drained soil.SoilUsing a large digging fork, loosen up the soil in the vegetabl... Read More »

Is miracle grow safe for vegetable garden?

yes and no. depends on how you look at it. think about it.