Is it safe to place and LCD or Plasma TV above the fireplace?

Answer Heat is bad for all electronics.However, you need to figure out just how hot the ambient air temperature will be in the areas you describe and you need to have a number, not just something qualitat... Read More »

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Is it safe to mount a flat screen above a fireplace?

It is safe to mount a flat-panel television over a fireplace as long as you have properly installed it. However, manufacturers do not advise that you operate your television at temperatures above 1... Read More »

Is it safe to mount a lcd or plasma tv above a fire?

Yes, it's relatively safe. The materials in the set are of the flameproof variety. That means that they will withstand an open flame without bursting into flame themselves... instead they just smok... Read More »

Is it safe to hang a flat screen tv over a fireplace. will the heat from the fireplace effect the tv?

Can I put a TV above a gas fireplace?

On One Hand: Maximizing Room SpaceMounting the television above a gas fireplace is a great idea, as it would make the television a crucial and central point of the room. Moreover, it would save on ... Read More »