Is it safe to not use protection during pregnancy?

Answer The risk of STDs are still there but otherwise fine.

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Is Vichy safe during pregnancy?

Yes it can be very relieving and here are some things that massage therpy will help with!• Decreased anxiety • Enhanced sleep quality • Greater energy • Improved concentration • Incre... Read More »

Is Preparation H safe during pregnancy?

On One Hand: It is Considered SafePreparation H is a medicated cream, suppository, cooling gel or wipe that helps soothe hemorrhoids, a common side effect of pregnancy. According to the OBFocus web... Read More »

Is masturbation safe during pregnancy?

Is tea tree oil safe during pregnancy?

Tea tree oil, known for its antiseptic qualities, has not been tested on pregnant women. Research on pregnant animals, however, shows that tea tree oil can slow the ability of the uterus to contrac... Read More »