Is it safe to move game files from C drive to D drive?

Answer I suppose you could, it might improve performance due to more space. However what I would do is backup my saves and uninstall the game, and reinstall it on the other drive rather than moving it str... Read More »

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If I were to move all of my music files to an external hard drive, would I... (Read)?

Yes, you can put all your music on an external hdd and as long as you point iTunes in the direction of the music it will play it. I have all my music and movies backed up on a 4TB Drobo right now a... Read More »

My c drive corrupted so i installed OS in d drive but i had certain important to view them.?

Sorry but No it is not possible due to windows security tech. For your information, Windows Directory (system partition ) is not a good place to store important data.

How do I copy files from my c drive to my personal media drive from I tunes?

Does defragging my main drive help me move files from my main to my external faster cause its slow enough?

if you've had your computer for a year or so and you've never defragged it then it'll run like a snail defragging you hard drive will speed it up and reduce some errors you may be getting