Is it safe to mix vinegar&rubbing alcohol?

Answer On One Hand: Always be safe with chemicalsIt is always important to know ahead of time that sometimes even household remedies can be harmful if used improperly. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar can both... Read More »

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I took advil and then drank alcohol , very little alcohol though... is it safe?

you should be fine:)just do not take depressants and alcohol together.

How much alcohol is safe for us?

Well of you drink a few it is fine but only drink alcohol when in a family reunion or something but if you drink alcohol for a really bad reason don't drink. Alcohol was only created so we will fee... Read More »

How many shots of alcohol is safe?

Your threshold is 8 shots, but please don't drink and drive. I hate to see people killed. Absolutely no sympathy for drunk drivers if they die in a crash.

Tips to Be Safe With Alcohol?

If you choose to consume alcohol without drinking responsibly, you are putting your life in danger. Of the nearly 34,000 driving fatalities in 2009, roughly one-third involved the use of alcohol. T... Read More »