Is it safe to microwave baby food?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, It Is FineNo problem or danger is associated with microwaving food for your baby. To ensure even heat throughout, first spoon the food onto a microwave-safe dish or plate and heat... Read More »

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Is it safe to microwave food more than once?

On One Hand: Bacteria MultiplyAccording to Health Link British Columbia, it is unsafe to reheat foods more than once, whether in the microwave or on a traditional range top. Once foods have been re... Read More »

Is it safe to microwave food in plastic?

On One Hand: Plastic Containers Should Be SafeThe health concern that arises with microwaving plastic is chemicals that migrate from the plastic into the food. These chemicals, called plasticizers,... Read More »

Is it safe to put hot food from the microwave on granite counters?

Granite can withstand temperatures of up to 900 degrees F, so it will not harm a granite countertop to place hot food directly from the microwave on it. The granite will not scorch or burn, but it... Read More »

Is the food dangerous if the plate used is not microwave safe?

If food is cooked in a microwave on a plate that is not meant for microwave heating, it may not be completely safe. The plate being used and the food on it can overheat, causing burns. Plastic dish... Read More »