Is it safe to make a margarine/butter suppository?

Answer Pleasure??? Really??No, butter won’t cause any problems. It doesn’t matter which end it goes into, the body accepts it.

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Does any1 know what a suppository is?

It is medication that is in the form of like a wax and it is shaped like a bullet and you can put it in your rectum or women have them for their private parts. Most suppositories are for hemroids... Read More »

I took som suppository ( laxatives ) and...?

If you used the suppositories for constipation, then there will be a bit of stool still waiting to get out and it will eventually stop.

Scared to use suppository?

The best way of entering a suppository into your anus is to lie on your left side and bring your right knee up to your chest and keep your left leg straight it makes inserting it in easier, cause t... Read More »

Do skittles dissolve when used as a suppository?

They're composed mostly of sugar, which dissolves in water/liquid. But there is also guar gum and other ingredients which probably will not dissolve. Hopefully it will pass on it's own, but depend... Read More »