Is it safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

Answer As long as it is not too strenuos it shoulf be all right.

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Is it safe for a 14-year-old to lift weights?

Prett sure, but do not overdo your self, little amounts at a time, while brething with 12-15 reps, no powerlifting. Never lock out your joints. Do As much as your can handle with 12-15 reps each ti... Read More »

Is it safe to do the missionary during pregnancy?

yea its safe but it dont always feel great for the female and if you do it doggy style make sure you put a pillow under her belly it takes off pressure from the back and theres less movement for th... Read More »

Is masturbation safe during pregnancy?

Is it safe to sex during 2 month pregnancy?

Yes. You can have sex throughout your entire pregnancy, if your comfortable with it.