Is it safe to let your child play in the washing machine when it's running?

Answer NO, it is not!! Children should not play with, around or on any household appliance, especially when they are running. You might think it is OK to wash a child in an open washing machine, but that ... Read More »

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Can you wash leather running shoes in the washing machine?

Washing your leather sneakers in the washing machine may reduce the life of your leather running shoes. Instead, waterproof them with a product like Nikwax that contains silicon to repel water.Refe... Read More »

Is it ok to wash my New Balance running shoes in the washing machine?

How do you fix an older Kitchen Aid washing machine that only spins and won't start or fill with water in any other cycle. It stopped running when it was full of water and ready to spin?

Answer There are a few possible reasons this would occur:- The lid switch is not working properly.- A faulty solenoid relay is not shifting the transmission into the spin cycle.- The timer which co... Read More »

What Causes a Washing Machine to Sound Like It Is Off-Balance When Washing Clothes?

It's not unusual for a washing machine to rattle and sound off-balance during the spin cycle. In extreme cases, you might find that your machine has even moved across the floor. A number of causes ... Read More »