Is it safe to leave my computer turned on all the time?

Answer All factory shipped PCs on today's market are designed to work 24/7. That is a fact.Does not apply to home built & especially not to overclocked systems.regards,Philip T

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Is it safe to leave a laptop on all the time?

On One Hand: Should Be SafeAs long as your laptop's fan works well, it's safe to keep your laptop on all the time. A laptop computer can overheat if it's left on too long and the fan doesn't do its... Read More »

Is it safe for me to leave my computer on all day?

yes it will go to standby when your'e not using it to wake it up move mouse

Is it safe to leave your computer on all night and through the day?

yea it should be ok as long as it doesnt get hot cause it could burn up.

Is it safe to leave computer on for hours/days..?

I leave my computer on 24/7 most of the time. There's nothing wrong with doing this...although you should restart about once a week or so if you do leave it on.