Is it safe to leave a roast out all day?

Answer On One Hand: Two Hour LimitIt is not safe to leave a roast out past the two hour mark without refrigeration. After two hours, foodborne bacteria will begin to multiply and can cause food poisoning ... Read More »

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Is it safe to leave a radiant oil heater on when you leave home?

Turning off all noncentral heaters when you leave your home is best. However, electric oil heaters are some of the safest. If you chose to leave it on, plug it into a wall socket, not an extension ... Read More »

Can you leave the net on boneless pork roast?

Meat netting can remain intact when cooking a pork roast, and functions to hold the meat in a specific shape when roasting. Comprised of food-grade fabric or polymer, the netting poses no risk when... Read More »

Is it safe to use yesterdays left over roast chicken?

If the chicken was stored properly(in the fridge) it is fine to use any way you want. Usually 3 days is max for cooked chicken..but I've used it up to a week with no problem.Homemade Chicken Nugget... Read More »

Is it safe to leave a modem on 24/7?

to be honest I think it's safer to leave it on if i switch mine off it is a real hassle to get back on the internet again. I have had mine on since july 08 and it hasnt overheated yet so you should... Read More »