Is it safe to leave a laptop on all the time?

Answer On One Hand: Should Be SafeAs long as your laptop's fan works well, it's safe to keep your laptop on all the time. A laptop computer can overheat if it's left on too long and the fan doesn't do its... Read More »

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Is it safe to leave my computer turned on all the time?

All factory shipped PCs on today's market are designed to work 24/7. That is a fact.Does not apply to home built & especially not to overclocked systems.regards,Philip T

Is it ok to leave your laptop on all the time?

depends some settings need to be changed to keep i on all of the time 1. you need to set your monitor to shut off after awhile lcd screens tend to get burned in so if you log off and let it sit you... Read More »

Is it bad to leave a laptop charging all the time?

You can't leave a laptop charging all of the time. Modern laptops have excellent charge management circuitry, which will stop charging the battery when it is fully charged.You can leave the laptop... Read More »

Can I Leave the AC Power to My Laptop On All the Time?

You can leave the AC adapter plugged in all the time. Most laptops have a very short running time on battery power. Laptop batteries are designed with the expectation that the laptop will be plugge... Read More »